Cup suggestions?

Hi All! So we just found out over the weekend that we are expecting baby number 2! . I’m looking for advice as to doing a transition thing with bottle. So we give our 20 month old guy a bottle before he goes to bed and that’s kind of been a signal that it’s time to go to bed. He drinks out of regular cups and water bottles throughout the day. does anyone have a great suggestion on like a nighttime cup/bottle that we could start doing with him? Or should we just try one of the water bottles that we give him throughout the day?
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Show your support I use these for my son. I swear by them!

Our LO was *very* attached to her bottles and to transition her off we switched her bedtime bottle of milk for water (gradually diluting milk until all water), then one night switched the bottle for a sippy cup (I’m linking the ones that worked best for us at bedtime below). Switch was totally fine and uneventful! Then we moved it earlier in her bedtime routine and ultimately stopped giving it to her unless she specifically asked. Now she only goes to bed with it on a rare occasion when she’s having a tough time.

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