I wanna get my little girl some new clothes for nursery. At the moment she either goes in leggings & long sleeve top which is probably a bit much as she gets warm but then the shorts and shirts are not warm enough! I wanna find her some sets that are maybe leggings but with T-shirt tops which is proving hard work at the moment. I’ve tried Vinted plus all the supermarkets. Any suggestions?
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Definitely shein xx

I'd go primark and buy them separately? Or even just little summer dresses with a cardigan on top 😊

I’ve been in every primark near me 😫 honestly nothing or anything they have is quite literally never in the right sizes. I will try shein!

Lots of different places have sales atm including Asda, next, Matalan I’m sure other places have sales too

We got some online at george asda. My mum bought some at matalan as well xx

I’ve been finding some good little t shirt and legging sets for nursery in H&M

I'd buy enough separate tops and leggings or shorts in colours and patterns that all go together and then you can mix and match different outfits for the week. Asda, matalan, primark, morrisons or sainsbury is good for this :)

I get my daughter’s nursery clothes from Primark usually. I just make sure she’s got a change of clothes with her, so in her bag there’s a pair of shorts and some leggings and a short sleeved top and a strappy vest. These are more for if she needs a change of clothes in the day but also if I send her in leggings and it gets warm they can swap her over to shorts

Next? If you want leggings and T-shirts, I’d buy the leggings and then tshjrts separately! Normally it’s leggings and sweatshirts which come in sets, or shorts and tshirt x

Next definitely have some sets with short sleeve t-shirts and shorts! Xx

I would try Mothercare in boots. They have sales now and its way cheaper than expected. The fabrics and so good and they last washing multiple times. There are sales in many places now, matalan and asda are also quite good. I try to buy my boy darker colours otherwise he ends up going to nursery with stains cz I am not gonna throw away clothes because of stains lol.


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