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Any advice for NOT hungry baby? We’ve seen 2 Doctors and our HV who just keep saying to “keep doing what you’re doing…” but I’m so stressed over it. He’s on the 2nd percentile dropped from 50th but drs don’t seem worried as he’s hitting milestones and developing well. I’m looking for advice or to hear of others experiences with similar situations.
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hey lovely! my little one was 50th centile when born and is now just under the 0.2 centile🫶🏻 she gains around 40-50grams a week & is weighed weekly currently! she also has CMPA so is on prescription formula. so we was referred through my HV to a nutritionist to help her with the weight gain - you could possibly ask for them to do the same? we have changed the water to scope ratio for her bottles to make them more calorie dense to help her gain weight now (started 2 weeks ago so still waiting to see how we get on) i know how stressed you must be because its not a nice thing to go through at all🤍

I feel you, my little one dropped from 50th to 25th i got him back up to the 50th at his last weight appointment 2oz every two hours then i got him onto 4/5 oz every three hours! Hes now started the i wont drink my bottles again and we are back to 2oz every 2 hours since his last set of vaccines . Does your little one have reflux we found baby gaviscon helped x i understand the stress its unreal as you think they are going to become poorly due to not feeding x

My baby is the same! She’s on 2nd percentile and is tiny! My HV isn’t worried either but I feel the same as you! I just keep reminding myself she will take the milk she needs and we can’t force them to want more!

Have you been referred to feeding team at all? We have been ours is in alder hey but should be one in the countess? X

@Emma no, only referral was from GP to paediatrician a couple of weeks ago with a follow up in September x

@Jade we have a bi-weekly appointment with the HV so will definitely ask next time! Thank you x

@Gemma ask for feeding team they are much more up on the feeding than paediatrician. I got referred through a&e as he stopped feeding but hv can refer. If they dont have a team ask if you can go to alder hey i know its a pain in travel but the team are amazing and ring you every 4 weeks after first appointment x

@Emma that’s really helpful! Thank you. I’ll definitely mention it on the next appointment. He’s been a struggle tonight - screaming for 2 hours. He’d had 4oz of his bottle after a warm and longggg bath to get his appetite up - got sleepy, went to bed and wouldn’t go down. 2 hours later he’s taken another bottle (thought why not try..? We waste enough formula, what’s another few scoops…) - 3oz out of that and he’s flat out!

Our little boy was prem and was below 0.4 centile and is creeping up to 2nd now. He has been a lot like this recently and we've kind of figured it's because he's been trying to drop feeds. So we tried just leaving him longer between and he seemed to start taking more. We were doing 3 hourly feeds during the day and 4 during the night and he would barely finish 4oz most of the time. We nervously bit the bullet and left him longer and after a couple of days upped his intake. Another couple of weeks later it happened again so we dropped the night feeds completely and he's taking between 5 and 6ozs per feed now (5 feeds a day, last one is usually just a top up before bed). I know it might not be the case for you, but thought it might help. Hope you get sorted, I know how worrying it can be

@Kirsty originally I was feeding on demand - not helping myself at all… and have now started the 3 hour gaps and he takes between 2-5oz a time. It’s when he takes 2oz, then several 2oz bottles following and finishes the day on say 14oz-20oz I’m like 😬🫨 sometimes he’s great, sometimes he just isn’t hungry. For his first morning feed I’ve learnt to wait an extra hour and push it to 4 (wakes every night at 4am for feed, and 7.30am for the day) and so feed at about 8am xx

Could you try pushing the day time feeds to 4 hourly and see what happens? I figured we had nothing to lose in trying xx

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