What am I doing wrong?

I feel like there must be something wrong with me, I keep trying and trying to make mom friends or just friends but I fail time again and again I feel so alone that I look forward to going to the store to maybe talk with the cashier for human interaction, I try to put myself out there and join mom groups or invite people to hangout but no one wants to make the time for me, I try to text with people and they ghost, I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have anxiety and depression but other than that I don’t gossip and I am not mean in anyway? I am awkward at first? How do people actually make friends? It seems the preschool moms do not like me because Im only 20 with a 4 year old and they don’t invite me to anything. I guess I just need to type this down for my sanity, my therapist blames the people but there’s no way so many people are the problem I must be the problem and I don’t know what to fix
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Think about it love, would you rather have a couple friends who you always fall out with and waste your time and energy, or go through the struggle and end up with someone really amazing for you, who just gets you and you work together? I know it’s difficult, trust me I do understand the frustration and the depression, the anxiety, the lot, I get it. But I promise when you find YOUR people, it’ll be ok. Don’t give up, it’s gonna be alright 🩷

I’m in the same boat babe :( it happens

My inbox is always open!!! I'm a VERY fast replier unless my son is being a pain in the arse

My inbox is always open lovely xx

I’m literally the exact same with what you have written, It feels so lonely but we just need to keep trying, there’s someone for everyone 🫶

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