In between diaper sizes

What do you do if your LO is between diaper sizes? Mines 3mo and still in size 1 which are getting too small which is fine during the day but he’s leaking through them at night. But size 2 are too big and leave gaps around the legs. He sleeps through the night but then wakes up covered in pee. The past couple nights we’ve woken up in the night to change him but then he thinks it’s time to be up and we’re up for 2hrs 🙃
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Overlap the tabs! I have a skinny kid who keeps growing up instead of out so we always have to size up diapers well before the weights tell us to. We just pull them right at the tabs and it closes the leg gap.

Most nappy brands have + sizes, which are in between. So, like 1+ and 2+ etc.

@Rachel I’ve never seen that before, thank you!

My husband did bed time last night and put a size 2 over a 1 🙃

@Rachel we don’t have that ANYWHERE where im from lol so cool though!

Get overnight diapers

@Layla Caron what supermarkets do you have? Do you have a Walmart? They should do them.

Fold the size 2 diapers under the belly button

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