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So .. my bd gf dislikes me , nd it’s because we both apparently got a baby by him that’s what she says but the baby doesn’t look nothing like him nd he didn’t see the test being done but she’s mad and said something about hurting my baby or reaching in her bag while we were at his brothers candle light my thing is my babydaddy took up for me and put her in her place but we weren’t cool before he seen me .. we just got back cool .. now all of a sudden the gf just wanna be seen by the family nd she always try to post subliminal messages on her story 😂 y’all I have been the bigger person but it’s got to the point where she disrespecting his dead brother’s family what do I do cause im on the edge of waiting til I heal nd beat her up 🤦🏽‍♀️
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i would not take those threats about harming ur baby lightly AT ALL! I would keep receipts of EVERYTHING, and press charges.

Smh she sounds so bitter and miserable

@Nilza yes I haven’t gotten the messages and stuff she’s said it in person when my babydaddy would walk away or she would bring her friend around thinking I would be scared no just don’t touch my baby cause I would black out she will be here soon I don’t wanna give her to my babydaddy and she be there

@Vee I wouldn’t want to give my baby either. Especially with her making those threats, is your bd going to be in the delivery room with you? I wouldn’t put him on the birth certificate, and go for full custody

I’ll keep being the bigger person especially if it’s just a bitter person. kill her with kindness and don’t let her see you sweat, trust me that’s beating her up without touching her lol

Has anyone else heard her say these things? The more people the better. Definitely take her seriously. And no need to fight, that won’t help you or your situation. It’s drastic but I might leave him off of the birth certificate also and avoid leaving the baby alone with him. He won’t have any rights or responsibilities if you do that so consider what’s in your best interest but keeping your baby safe is the most importantly thing. Try to find a way to get proof of her saying those things. You can text your bd to thank him for sticking up for you when (her name) said xyz. Be very explicit in the text and make sure you get everything sure said included. If needed you can use that in court to defend that she should not be near your child

Yea , ion is okay like that making threats towards my child/children .. it’s giving very much bitter , I wuldnt even trust her round my baby

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