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My baby is one year old she’s about to start nursery as I’m going back to work, I’m nervous worried she only knows me since she was born she’s very shy even when we have guests she rans to me she don’t let them hold her I’m worrying how she’s gonna react when I left her at the nursery a full day 7.30 to 6 the nursery I found is only Full time. First time mum what should I do Mummies do you all have this feeling ? Is she gonna be ok? is she gonna hate me ? Am asking so much questions my self 😭
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Has she done any settling in sessions at nursery? They normally do then before starting fully. X It's hard at 1st when you leave them and expect some tears from little one and yourself. But once you've gone she will soon settle and have so much fun and will make friends with the other children x

I would try not worry about it much. She probably may love it. My little boy did. He didn't even turn around to look at me when I dropped him off when he was started 😂. Usually they will settling sessions before doing anything like full days. Like my little boy did a hour 3 days a week to start then gradually stayed longer. Its normal to feel that way though. It upset me more than it did my little boy. And now my little boy loves it! He did go through stages as he got bigger where separation anxiety kicked in and would cry at dropping off but it didn't last long. He was 10 months when he started. But just think its a great way for your little one to build relationships and be around a different. It really does have benefits for child 🙂 Hope this helps. Best of luck and hopefully your little girl enjoys it just as much as mine does

The first couple weeks will be tough as you both learn to adjust to the changes, but she's gonna be okay. Separation anxiety and stranger danger are very normal at this age. Give it some time and she'll probably love being there soon enough.

My LG will be going when she is 9 months, I feel the same as you, I could cry thinking about it. I just have to keep reminding myself it will be so good for her and she will be used to it from going at such a young age. She won’t let anyone hold her either whether she’s just going through a clingy phase I’m not sure😩

First couple weeks will be tough but have absolute trust in the staff. They are very skilled at calming and distracting clingy/upset children. If she is upset or clingy she 100% will not be the only one and will not be the first. She may love it though. She won't hate you either, it's important they know you have to work to provide for them and they will have the best time! It may not have you but it has other children to play with, all the toys they could want, food, snacks and drinks all day. She'll come on leaps and bounds too! My step son does two long days like that and honestly, he loves it. Granted he started older but goodness me, they love him, he loves them. He has the best time there, we had a few clingy upset days but now he runs in.

Just because you have to pay for a full day you can still collect early xxx

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