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It’s probably been asked a million times on here previously so I’m sorry in advance, but I had my 28 week midwife appointment this morning and I was measuring small so I’ve got an emergency scan tomorrow morning. Has anyone else had this or something similar and everything was fine? I can’t help but worry and having to wait till the morning is killing me 😢
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I had it in my last pregnancy a few times- everyone’s bump is different. The scan is to be safe if baby is small you’ll be referred to consultants for closure monitoring. My bump measured small but scans were all fine and baby was healthy x

Bump measurements are really not a reliable measurement of your baby. Everyone carries so differently! I wouldn’t worry. My bump measured big but scans showed baby was perfect just a lot of fluid, and he was 6lbs 1 at birth despite bump being on a high percentile! My friend also had a small bump measuring 6 weeks behind, but her baby was born 7lbs 5 at 38 weeks!

i didn't have it, but my sister in law did when she was pregnant. baby was absolutely fine! as mentiomed above, the measurements are so inaccurate, i would try not to worry, even though i know that's easier said than done xx

I’m in the exact same position measuring 26weeks, Only I’ve got a 2 week wait for my scan. So I’ve got a private one booked for tonight 😬 praying all is well for you. X

@Tash omg no way you’d have to wait 2 weeks, that’s ridiculous!! I would have booked a private one too if I had to wait that long! Thanks lovely and I hope everything goes well for you too, I’m sure it’ll all be fine for both of us!! Sending lots of love 🥰 xx

@Keisha that’s comforting to know, thank you xx

@Becca @Josie thank you lovelies, that’s very reassuring!! Just also a bit worried because at my 20 week scan baby’s measurement was within the two lines but it was definitely closer to the smaller side. But I’m tiny and my boyfriend is slim too so I suppose I can’t expect a massive baby 😂 xx

Im the same I had my 26 week yesterday and got told baby was measuring small but im small myself so got sent for a scan this mornin everythin is fine with baby just hes meausrin under the 50th centile but ive got a growth scan already booked on the 26th due to high risk pregnancy x

I did but ended up all fine so don't worry to much

I had several growth scans in my first pregnancy because they thought my boy was measuring small but everything was absolutely fine 😊

With my first baby my bump measured 3-4cm lower than how far along I was the whole time so at 28 weeks I was 24-25cm and had an emergency scan then regular growth scans every 4 weeks till birth so 28, 32 and 36 I was offered a 40 but didn’t take it and ended up with an induction (not related to baby growth but had I had a scan I may have waited for spontaneous labour) baby was 8lbs 1oz. I think estimated 7.5-8lbs. This time around I am supposed to have growth scans from 30 weeks regardless of my bump measurements. Lots of women have extra scans it’s not something to worry about yet. The only reason I’d ever worry is if they suspected growth restriction(baby not getting bigger because of poor blood flow through placenta and chord) a big or small estimate is nothing to worry about as they can be off by up to 2lbs in either direction so for example 6lbs could be anywhere from 4-8lbs. So as long as they are growing don’t worry. Hope everything is fine with your little one ❤️

My last pregnancy I had regular growth scans and appointments because my baby was small. I ended up being induced at 38weeks and she was 6lbs 3oz. Healthy. No aftercare needed. Just sometimes the placenta doesn't do enough. They think the same with my little boy this pregnancy so I'm having to be seen more often again. They can be wrong with measurements sure but they will always give you the best care and will do what is best. Don't worry. Think positive that you'll probs have more growth scans and see your little one. Just take it day by day and see what happens with further appointments x

I had the opposite, at my midwife appointment on Wednesday they said my bump was measuring above the 90th percentile, when I had the growth scan today the baby was bang on average! So definitely wouldn’t worry until you’ve had your scan 😊

I measured small throughout my first entire pregnancy and baby came out 7lb 10oz and 41, don’t worry x

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