First birthday

So my baby’s going to be 1 this week and I had gotten my tubes removed because we all knew it was best for my body (pregnancy was rough and delivery almost killed me and left me with damage for life) and I can’t help but be so sad I try to be happy but I just am having the hardest time after him I wanted more kids and also now I can’t help but feel like he’s going to be lonely so I’ve been going past above and beyond to make sure he has a good day even though people keep telling me he’s not going to remember it like ik that it’s just picture memories our memories to tell him about it all! Hopefully this will all stop me from crying my eyes out like I want to cause I feel like it’s all my fault anywhoo thanks rant over 😭
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We went above and beyond to for our daughter as well!! I didn’t have pictures when I was little and that’s one thing I’ve always wanted so I’m making sure my daughter has all the pictures to look back on when she’s older!

You had a rough delivery. Be gentle on yourself. If you want another child there are certainly options to look into and weigh ( surrogacy carrying one of your eggs, adopting a baby) . And having one child is also perfectly okay too.

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