Growth scan and legs length

I am 28 weeks pregnant and today I had a growth scan to check whether the baby is growing as expected. The head and belly of the baby are measuring 30/31 weeks, legs 27 weeks. Should I worry about this? The midwife was not concerned at all, but I am wondering whether this means the baby will be very short growing up. Has anyone had anything similar in their pregnancy?
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At our 20 week scan our baby’s femurs were measuring short but everything else normal which was weird as my husband and I are both pretty tall. We had a scan at 32 weeks and his femurs were totally normal. I think as amazing as these scans are, they aren’t always accurate! X

My boys femur was measuring on the 2nd percentile on Monday, it massively freaked me out, we’ve got a private scan on Saturday so will get it double checked then

My baby boys femurs are also measuring smaller than the rest of him. He’s 3-4 (97-99%) weeks ahead everywhere else and measuring “on time” for his femurs (which is the 39%). But my OB had no concerns. I have another growth scan in a few weeks. A lot can change. Just remember these scans are just a snapshot of that exact moment.

When I was pregnant my babies legs were measuring short but he’s 4 months old now and he’s really long 😂 scans aren’t always correct depends on how baby is positioned x

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