Seeing starrs

I’ve had this before pregnancy but since I’m pregnant if I move my eyes too quick I see stars is this normal 🫣 or if I get up too quick I see stars it goes quick but I’m paranoid I’m the only one (I have the worst health anxiety) I lost my 6th baby at birth so I’m really scared of everything. Thank you x
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I remember my midwife saying something about this to me. Saying make sure you let us know if this happens, as it can be a sign of some issue I can’t remember what issue tho! Might have been gestational diabetes, but deffo check!

If by stars you mean seeing things across your retina / eyeball, not as in ‘feeling dizzy’ lol

@Elle preeclampsia is what you referring to I believe

@Hannah yeah I dont have that, I got checked

Moving my eyes when I have high blood sugar does this have you had the gestational sugar test? I also did this standing up earlier on in my pregnancy but turns out I have low blood pressure and low iron. I don’t know in your case but I’m sure it can be sorted if you make your midwife aware!

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