I feel like I may be doing something wrong after reading other posts

But does anyone else like never wash their child’s hair with shampoo? I wash her body with soap but unless she’s got chlorine or been rolling in dirt or something (???😂) then I just use water and brush through it? Should I use shampoo? I literally don’t use anything on her hair
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You don't need to use shampoo! Mine is a right grub and gets everything in his hair so usually I have to use shampoo but if I don't need to I won't x

We are the same! Unless he is really grubby and things in his hair (like last night he was sick) then he got his hair washed with shampoo but otherwise we don't do it often x

No I avoid washing her hair at all costs because she gets so mad about it, so most nights we use a wet flannel to wash her hair through and twice a week we shampoo or if she’s got a lot of stuff in it we do it then.

I don't always wash my boys hair, unless he has stuff in it.

She's always getting food in her hair, so we wash it daily. But if your kids hair is clean, there's nothing wrong with leaving it!

We wash hers once a week! She really doesn’t enjoy it and I don’t think she needs it!

I do that for her body lol. She has skin reactions to most things so body with water unless using sun cream or whatever. Then the tiniest smudge of sanex baby shampoo every two days so I can just wipe it out with a soaked flannel

Nope I don’t use it. They don’t need it at their age and my daughters hair always looks lovely and clean after a bath.

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