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How did you or do get your partner to help more? He works full time and when he gets off he watches her but very short I feel and passes her off to me despite me taking care of her all day 24/7. Even at night I stay up to get her to sleep so I don’t get to sleep and I get up with her at night when she wants a bottle. Then he coughs or is put and wakes me up and sometimes her and I have to put her to bed again. All the house work is on me so I feel I get little to no help. I understand he works and all that but I do too and I feel my job never ends while he gets to enjoy his life still and do whatever and I end up tired so I feel resentment and don’t want cuddles or sex and he makes it a big deal and I’ve over and over made it very aware how I feel but nothing chances. We are in the middle of a move so it’s a lot of stress on us and all so it’s been rough so I think it may get better but I can’t help think it won’t. I don’t know what to do or maybe now to fix it, I know he is capable it just makes me feel I’m not worth the effort etc if he can’t show me and do better when I’ve said I’m tired etc.
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I felt this way too. I had ppd too and he saw how it affected me and nothing. I decided if I was going to be a single mom i was going to do it without having to clean up and cook for him. He started taking me seriously. Then about a month ago some how the baby monitor got turned down low and I'm hard of hearing so I wasn't waking up with my son. He had the audacity to call me lazy. I stopped cooking and cleaning since my son is attached at my hip anyways it didn't really give me a break from anything other than his crying from him watching me clean. My husband still has his moments like right now he has stuff going on every night. We went to our church group on Tuesday and my son was fussy. I'm 8 month pregnant and he didnt even bother to take him while I ate. I literally can't go out at all. I can't even take a nap. We just moved as well and I'm considering leaving again. We didn't make this baby ourselves. They shouldn't be able to play daddy when they feel like it. I don't know how to help but I understand

@Sami I was in the same boat as you. I threatened to leave and then actually broke up with him and made plans on my living situation. It luckily woke something up in him and realized he doesn’t wanna lose all of this so he fixed himself. Im so sorry this is happening to you guys.

@Sophia I have done that multiple times and nothing changes

@Amber then he doesn’t see how great he has it. im sure you are an amazing person and mother. he doesn’t deserve you. sometimes the father of our child doesn’t turn out to be what we expect. you deserve to be loved endlessly and you deserve a break. if he cannot do that for you then it really may be time to put yourself first in the situation. he may be in the way of you finding your dream man/husband. i know its a scary thought. but you deserve the best mama❤️

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