ftm w second degree tear

I need some tips on how to heal and make things a little smoother for me (if that makes sense)
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Try not to squat down or bend down, and when you sit take it slow. Try to take Tylenol and advil around the clock until the pain doesn’t bother you that much anymore. Also the ice pack pads are a life saver! Use those witch hazel pads, and def adult diapers too. Wishing you a smooth recovery🥰

@Trang thank you sm 🙏🏽

Of course and congratulations 🎉

I found whitch hazel liquid gently dabbed on the cut helped a lot alos badedass in a bath also helped as did rinsing the area in the shower and regular pain relife I also used a dounought pillow to sit down as I had to be cut to deliver my lo from front near enough to back xx

Hi mama, first of all congrats. I had a second degree tear with both of my kiddos. I suggest making padsicles. Squirt some witch hazel on a pad and add aloe gel fold back up and put in a ziploc bag in the freezer. You arealso goinv to want to use a peri bottle everytime you use the restroom. A couple of other things that helped me was,Dermoplast and witch hazel pads. Spray the dermoplast on and then line your pad or diaper with witch hazel pads( tucks are the best) and spray the dermoplast on the tucks. Sitting on a pillow helped and keeping up on tylenol and ibuprofren. May not be necessary but I also used stool softners for about a month postpartum to help with going to the bathroom and it easied the pressure near the stiches.

Sitz bath helped. My ob recommended a warm salts bath, but I couldn't sit in a tub. Stool softeners. Made going so much easier. I forgot my peri bottle at the hospital so I would hop in the shower and put the shower head on medium temp and low power to gently wash.

@Olivia Talbert thank you sm

Ice, alot of ice. Even padsicles. I had a tear too and they helped soo much

Witch hazel, cold/cool pads, do as little as possible (no cleaning house!), and relax with your baby! 🩷💙

Donut pillow to sit on, warm water after you use bathroom, witch hazel pads, pelvic floor therapy, stool for feet when number 2, time

Do sit bath in warm water twice a day for minimum 15 mins

peri bottle while you pee, rest rest rest, keep your pads/adult diapers fresh and clean, witch hazel or aloe pads

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