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Does anyone know if I buy a load of different fruit, prepare is as a ‘fruit salad’ style and pop it all in a glass tub with a lid, will it stay fresh in the fridge? And is yes, how long for? Currently living with in laws and we all share the fridge and I only have one shelf in the fridge to store a weeks worth of food shopping for me my partner and our 1 year old so I’m trying to find ways to save space, so I’m thinking if I can put all my fruit together prepared in a glass tub it would save a lot space but not sure if it will stay fresh ?
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I do it for grapes and berry’s and seem to last good 4 days,then just add banana n apple when it’s wanted, seems to work,but mine never seem to last a full week

it depends on the type of fruit honestly. i think berries are one of the first to go bad

I think it helps to get a snap on lid that really keeps the air out and out a paper towel on the top to absorb extra moisture. Keeping a few types of berries together should be good!

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