Sleeping on left side

Does anyone know when its most critical to do this? Im trying to train myself as my usual side is right but I keep switching in the night. My midwife was very adamant about not sleeping on right side (something to do with an artery?)/front/back but I dont remember when she said from. Im only 8w atm.
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I’m pretty sure it’s from the 3rd trimester

My midwife said to avoid sleeping on your back from now, as like you said, it is something to do with an artery. She said towards the end of the pregnancy it’s best to lay on your left side as it encourages baby to get in the best position for birth 😊 hope this helps! x

Please do not panic about this right now! You only need to do this from 28weeks, right now sleeping anyway is fine. Also either left or right side is fine. Left side is slightly more optimal but more studies have shown that either side is fine. What is known to be an issue is sleeping on your back.

It’s from about 28 weeks and by then you’ll naturally fall to your side because it will hurt laying on your back with a bowling ball ☺️

Thanks all! X

Make the most of sleep however you like now because that 28 week mark 😂

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