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8 weeks tomorrow and the fatigue this week and headaches 🙃 had two nights of waking up at 2am as well wide awake for a good hour. My work is very full on and requires travel. I’m usually a very active positive get goer woman but I just don’t recognise myself right now. I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant and now I just feel like I want my old life back. My other half is amazing even when all I’m doing is moaning about feeling awful. Can anyone else relate? This week has been a tough one!
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not due in feb 2025, actually due aug 2024 but this has come up when scrolling. from one pregnant lady to another it gets so much better. youll soon forget these first trimester feelings (hopefully) and be smooth sailing once in the second. im a carer who is (or was, started annual leave this week) on her feet often times 12 hours a day and between the headaches, nausea and fatigue it felt like the end was not in sight. but here i am, 36 weeks, and can confirm it absolutely gets better. good luck lovely. and take it one day at a time xx

@ellie thanks Ellie I really needed to hear that 🥲 enjoy your annual leave before baby arrives xx

10 weeks and can relate to wanting your old life back! I’ve found it incredibly hard so far and no sign of it easing for me yet unfortunately. Partner is my rock and does everything for me these days which is obviously great but makes me feel incredibly guilty and useless. Don’t really have any advice i’m afraid but just so you know you’re not alone feeling like shit & moaning all the time x

@Peanut thank you 🫶🏻 I feel better even just for being honest. Who knew it was this hard!! Glad you’ve got a supportive partner too xx

hi girly, i'm due october 2024 but honestly no one talks about how hard the first trimester is. I literally felt like my life was over and i felt super depressed about everything because i couldnt stomach anything even water, it was deffo tough!! Luckily it got better, although other things have happened and nausea has come back in the third trimester NOTHING beats how bad i felt at the beginning. My partner was also super supportive and felt guilty everyday for not knowing how to help, fortunately it's all better now and just counting down the weeks until this is over, it honestly is a wild wild ride and made me rethink a million times if i want to go through this again 😅 but seriously, you're not alone and hopefully the horrible part is almost over, goodluck mama ❤️❤️

@Zuzia you’re so right, people just say ‘have you felt sick’ but it’s so much more than that. It is all the feelings of a massive change already and questioning what you’re doing. So glad to hear it gets better, sorry you’re feeling sick again 🥲🫶🏻

@Hannah exactly! my reaction wasnt the happiest when i found out either, because it was so new , everyone around me was super happy and expected me to act the same, with time it got better and i'm more than excited but it was tough!

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