For the last few days I’ve been feeling this weird rolling, fluttering sensation really low in my belly. Like something is pressing on the inside. It’s a totally unique sensation so I know it’s not gas. I’m 11 weeks and I know they say that’s too early. But I don’t know what else it could possibly be. Anyone else having this?
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Me ! I’m a second time mama so I knew it would be early but not this early! I feel everyone is so different, so if you’re certain it’s not gas then I’d say it’s what you’re thinking !🤍

I’m 13 weeks and I’ve felt a flutter twice in the past two weeks. The way you describe it sounds similar. I felt it on the bottom right of my tummy. I just told myself it was gas cuz there’s no way….they say you can it it’s not your first child, or if you’re super thin. I’m neither of those so lol

I definitely feel some weird sensations down in my low belly. Stuff I’ve never felt before. Pregnancy is like a fever dream so I just assume it’s all part of it lol

I’m 13 weeks and I was holding my lower belly last night I definitely felt flutters! How exciting

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