induced or section??

i’m getting induced at 38 week due to GD but today at my midwife appointment I was told I could opt for a section instead - does anybody have any experience / preference, i don’t know which to choose as I’ve heard very mixed things about both!
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Personally, and from experience on placements with midwives, I have found those who are induced typically end in an emergency c section. I have heard some cases where it didn’t, but the majority result in a prolonged labour, and subsequently an emergency c section. I am not in your position, but I think if I was, I would opt for an elective c section. C sections do come with increased risk, but my rationale would be to avoid an emergency c section. Saying that, I would ask your midwife the statistics on your hospital and the outcomes following being induced. Also the pros and cons for each. This is a massive decision and shouldn’t just be based on opinions of others. Get the information and go with your gut🩷

What are the risks to going full term and going into natural labour with GD? x

I was induced with my first and had a very positive experience. Personally, I’d prefer to give that route a chance as the recovery time after a section is a lot longer. Send me a message if you’d like anymore information ☺️

thanks @Hannah and @Megan - such a tough decision!! & @Georg i think it’s to do with baby gaining weight, the placenta and just other risks etc

I had a very positive experience after being induced at 37 weeks. Labour was ten hours and I didn't need a c-section

I think it is completely down to personal preference. Having said that, this is my second baby and I have been advised not to go over my due date as I'm at risk for a big baby. After weighing up the risks, I've opted for an elective c-section rather than being induced. My reason is because I had a previous C-section and induction carries a higher (albeit still small) of uterine rupture. I had my 31 week midwife appointment today and I was genuinely surprised at how little push back I had for picking elective c-section and that my midwife seemed to almost agree I'd made the right choice (for me). Xx

Inductions are great if you want to birth them vaginally! I always start contractions which never get strong enough and need induction meds to help me along. I think it’s a great option personally. But up to you if you want to do a C instead of a vaginal birth x

I’m a midwife and I would always decline induction and opt for a c-section. They want to induce me at 39 weeks for low papp-a but I’ve told them I want a c-section instead.

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