Stay at home moms, do you ebf or pump?

Do you breastfeed on demand or do you pump a few sessions and let dad feed? If you do both, how often are you doing it? Do you increase your supply to have a stash of milk or?
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I’m not a stay at home Mom, but I’m a teacher on summer break. So currently living the at home life. I breastfeed primarily. But I’ll collect the let down from the other side while baby feeds and that’s how I build a stash. I feed every 2-3 hours.

I bf and pump. He’s almost 1 so I’m trying not to give him boob whenever he wants, but I was bf on demand. I pump at least once a day bc I give him a bottle at night, but I’m also trying to build my freezer stash up. I had a huge over supply for the first like 5 months. Had to buy a deep freezer. Then found out in March my son has food allergies and had to change my diet. I couldn’t give him any of that milk so I donated it all. My husband doesn’t feed him anymore, but he did for the first 3 months all the time

I feed on demand. My baby hasn't had a bottle since he was 6 or so weeks old when his latch got better. He'll be 6 months on Sunday. He now refuses to take a bottle so dad can't help with feeds anymore.

Baby girl is 10 months, I’ve breastfed on demand since she was born & I was pumping 1-3 times a day till June to get a stash usually about 4-8oz a day and now I’ll pump before she wakes up 1-2oz to get milk for her oatmeal & little breastmilk cubes for teething! She has never had a bottle

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