Are you still nursing and/or rocking baby to sleep?

I don’t mind nursing her to sleep but shes 5 months and is getting so chunky and it’s getting really hard on me to rock her there’s no way I’ll ever do cry it out but I’ve been trying to do a gentle sleep training nothing works tho idk what to do. I can’t handle her fussing for even a little have to pick her up :(
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Persistence and consistency is key with sleep training. Keep at it and it’ll click, might take a little time

@Sally Thankyou♥️

So I don't necessarily nurse to sleep, but I do nurse my daughter right before bed. She is going on 14 months. Most of the time she is still awake when i put her down. It took time to get to this point.

20mo here loves being rocked

19 months here and still rocked to sleep. Send help lol.

She’s about to be a year old and I still feed to sleep or feed her till she’s drowsy then paci and rock

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