Has anyone experienced weird feelings when they were/are pregnant?

I’m pregnant for the second time alhamdulillah & I’ve noticed everytime I’ve been pregnant I’ve had a lot of night mares but they stand nightmares, it feels so real. It’s always something is in the room with me that’s scaring me. Last night I woke up screaming coz I saw something standing over me, big & shadowy & then my husband screamed coming towards me coz he was tryna protect me (he was asleep on the floor coz our son is sleeping with me rn) then my in laws came running out of their room. Was so embarrassing. I’ll admit, I didn’t read my nighttime duas which I need to but has anyone else experienced this? Around 10pm my husband went to throw the bin downstairs (we live in a flat) & I looked out the from door & realised this used to happen when I would carry my first born when he was a few months old outside to calm him down, I’d end up having teething nightmares from being outside (the estate is surrounded by trees)
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Did you see the figure when awake or are you having vivid dreams? It’s common and normal to have vivid dreams due to pregnancy hormones. I had a lot too in pregnancy which felt so real and scary.

Yes it happened to me. Awful dreams and nightmares. I saw a figure also and would read Allah’s name. It’s really scary when it happens because it feels so real!

@Roze idek if I was awake or asleep but it felt so real, like my eyes were open & I saw it under the light shade

@Bee it’s so scary sis, I totally forgot about it from my first pregnancy & yesterday it all came rushing back. It’s so traumatic but I really do need to read my nightime duas before sleeping & try to come home before Maghreb coz I can’t go through that again, I think I traumatised everyone in the house. My in laws came running, my mil read duas & blew over my whole body 3x

I also had a few nightmares during my first pregnancy. Haven't had it so far in my second. I don't mind them. I actually like horror/thriller movies, so when I have a dream like that, I quite enjoy it. I think it is natural. Possibly to do with hormones. Inshallah you will not have to endure anymore.

@Stefanie girl, that’s the first time I’ve heard someone say they don’t mind them 😂😂 I love the honesty. Inshaaa’Allah they don’t affect me anymore, felt so bad for my son who was laying next to me holding my hand whilst I was screaming

It’s really horrible to go through. The duas will help and also run through ‘nice’ dreams in your mind or make them funny before you sleep to see if that helps xx

It's very common in pregnancy actually to have nightmare like very vivid dreams, pretty sure there is also some hormonal shenanigans at play. I found they came in waves x

Read your 3 quls before bed

@Mou it must be as I had the same experience with my first pregnancy but Inshaaa’Allah it stops after reading my duas as I can’t go through that traumatic experience again

@Umm Khair will do, thank you

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