Latent Phase/Early Labour

I was woken up in the night with the most painful tightening and felt sick. Lasted about a minute each time with maybe 15 minutes between each one for an hour then it settled and did it again 2 hours later. When I got up this morning it was doing it again randomly. Since I had a nap this afternoon 12.45-1.30 it has stopped. I am guessing this is latent phase and will go on for maybe a few days?
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Yes it’s the latent phase, this is typically the longest phase it can last for days, weeks or even just hours before you get into active labour stage. With my first it all happened in one day, with this pregnancy I’ve been in the latent phase since the 26th of June and pretty much exhausted now! I’d just make sure to keep timing them once they become more regular and consistent last for 1 minute every 5 minutes would then call triage

@Balgees thank you so much ☺️

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