What is this??

Help! What is this?? Babysitter and me agree that it is not a mosquito bite. (They are usually swollen...this one is completely flat) also not chickenpox...its just in her face and not over her whole body and it doesn't hurt when I touch it. We suspect some other insect bite. We are also all sick with a stomach bug since Monday with vomiting and diarrhea...so not sure if it could be related. We live in Florida. I called pediatrician medical line and waiting for a call back.
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Definitely talk to PED since I don't know. But some viruses can cause rashes, called viral rashes.

Hives? I get hives for absolutely no reason whenever I'm sick/ immune compromised. They tend to start on the thighs/stomach/butt but can start elsewhere. I'd still get checked out, hand foot and mouth has been going around too

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