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My husband and I along with our 16 month old are currently living with my in laws. While the space is mostly ours seeing as they tend to be gone a lot traveling we still have our 16 month old in our room with us. She does sleep independently in her crib but still in our room. We are expecting baby #2 in November and as of now are still wanting to keep our 16 month old (who will be almost 20 months old at the time new baby is here) in our room with us as well as have our newborn in the same room. Is anyone else in a similar situation or have they been in a similar situation? We have family members that have done the same thing before and said it works out just fine but then you always have those that aren’t super encouraging and just share negatives. Any thoughts/advice are appreciated!
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Although this is my first pregnancy I will be sharing a room with my baby until I can afford others wise however I have a very close friend who had been the same situations having had a son that was one and then had been pregnant with twin girls they all shared a room for about two or three years and they all managed just fine . Good luck xox

My middle two were 18 months apart and we room shared with both for about another year. One was in a bassinet the other a crib which we transition to a toddler bed before we moved him to share with his brother. I think it can work totally fine provided you have the space for all the beds ☺️

Im in the same exact situation, i have a 16 month baby girl and due on Nov. We lived with my parents and trying to figure out how to not disrupt the big kid sleep but a friend told me she will just build more tolerance to noise

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