Heyyy👋 when did everyone have their first bath after a C-section, I used to love baths pre birth & im dying to have a nice soak. My C-section was 3 weeks ago xx
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I eventually had a bath 6 weeks pp when my scar looked healed, and when my anxiety of it had settled down abit. I didn’t stay in it to long or put much fancy soaps x

1 week

When I had my last c section, 2 years ago, they told me showers only for 2 weeks. But I waited longer until I was confident my scar was healed properly. I didn't fancy chancing getting an infection from water getting into it. So I think it was about 5-6 weeks to be honest. I will probably just stick to showers again this time around for 6 weeks.

My daughter is one next month…still no bath 😆

I thought it was 6 weeks and my midwife told me at 3 weeks that there’s no reason to wait as long as it’s healed over

I had to wait 12 weeks as my stitches didn't dissolve and I didn't heal properly but it all depends on your check up and what the Dr says

3 weeks bath just shallow to start with and I had showers daily from day 1 x

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