What should I do ?

I am keeping get vagina lightning ⚡️ and tightness everytime I getting the crotch pulling? I am 35 weeks and 5 days. I don’t know whether it is normal or shall I ring triage to get advice ? My little girl is very moving inside me and she is already head down
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You can call triage if you’re worried but it’s really common in the third trimester. It’s caused by the head stimulating the nerves in your cervix and lower uterus x

Ahh that made sense then thank you so much 😊

Yeah lightening crotch is awful so sudden and out of the blue 😢 xx

Yeah normal but if your worried or your tightenings are close together and last a while seek advice but lightening crotch normal at this stage and braxtons have hicks too xx

I'm exactly the same as you 36 weeks. It's pretty normal just uncomfortable 😕 not long now though 😊

I’m getting the same, 35+2 now

I’m 35+5 and the feeling is so so bad 😖

I’m the same get them often and all day. So uncomfortable

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