Lunch time : heating up pouches etc

Does anyone have any tips on how to heat up food while out in the day? My little boy is currently 8months and is only just starting to show an interest in food/solids the last month or so. We’re how starting to have lunch now into our routine , but was wondering if anyone has any idea how to heat up pouches while out and about? My little boy is only eating the heniz jars for dinner and lunch so we’ve now brought the pouches for day time trips. I know hot water and a bowl but didn’t know if there was anything else x
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Could you heat it up before you go and get 1 of the cups/flasks that’s insulated so keeps it warm? x

They can eat them cold or I would just pop in boiling water x

My son just ate his cold/room temp

We started by taking boiling water in a thermos and pouring into a bowl to heat it. My little boy wouldn't eat it cold. Then we tried heating in the microwave first befofe we went out and then pouring into a food thermos to keep it warm. I'd say that method was fine for lunch but probably no longer. As there's not loads of food in the pouch, it went cool quicker than I expected.

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