Potty Training

How do I know for sure when my son’s ready to potty train? At the moment his always trying to take his nappy off, he will randomly stand and pull his trousers down too? He’ll go and squat in private as well when he needs to poop, it’s my first time round with this so any tips would be supper helpful TIA x
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Have a look at the Eric website there’s lots of helpful tips on there. One thing I would say about working in a nursery is that you got to be 100% dedicated to do it. So if you do no nappies make sure it’s all the time apart from sleep. Even car journeys and things like that. I would get a carry potty they are super handy. You can get car seat protectors for when they have accidents. Just spend a couple of days inside when you do decide to do it. It will all be fine.

From what ive read, they need to be able to communicate or show signs of when they need to go, so going somewhere private is a sign and you need to be ready to let him run 'free' for a few days round the house

Thanks ladies

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