Two under two naps?

Any tips for naps for the LO? My oldest 15m only takes one nap. My youngest 3m needs more than one. I’m struggling to find a good way to get them both what they need..
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Hey I have a 15m old and a 4m old and honestly this is the hardest thing I’ve had to manage since having them. When my eldest has her nap for the day I try to feed the youngest so she falls asleep at the same time. It doesn’t always happen but the main thing is trying to find distractions for the oldest while the youngest sleeps and try to get the youngest to sleep when the oldest sleeps if that makes sense

It’s pure trial and error though and I still lose the will to live multiple times a week 😂

I’m not sure what your set up is but I just kept them separate for naps. E.g the youngest had her naps in our room/living room and the oldest napped in her room. It’s only now my youngest is older (they’re 1 and 2) that I put them down for a nap in the afternoon together . It’s still not perfect as my youngest is a power napper but my oldest can nap for about 2/3 hours. 😅 it does get better though!

Mine are currently 2.5 and 16mos old so they’re both on the same 1 nap per day schedule (thank god! Blissful 2 hours to myself every day!). But i definitely found this to be one of the toughest things about having them when they were younger and my son was still on more naps and my daughter was only doing the 1 mid day nap. They wouldn’t see each other between like 10-4pm because when one was on the other was off, which made it easier for me…but getting one down while you have the other awake still was hard and it didn’t always work. It was a daily struggle and I just had to play it by ear a lot…

@Oceana thank you that’s what I’ve been trying to do been a bit of a struggle cuz my older 15m old is a screamer like if he’s excited mad or just trying to talk lol today I the 3 month old asleep in the living room and I set my 15 month out up in his room hoping to sneak in a shower when they r chilling lol

@Lottie im definitely glad to hear that it gets better! Right now my oldest has a play area in the living room and his room so he also naps /sleeps in that room. My youngest has the ability to nap in our room or the living room. I’ve been trying to find out the best option for both

@Laura so my oldest takes one nap a day and that’s my struggle right now cuz my youngest likes to take like two if he can maybe 3

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