How are you making up bottles if formula fed?!

We’ve been sterilising and pre making 5 bottles each morning and then again at might, storing in the fridge and then using the tommy tippee bottle warmer when needed (bottles in fridge for no longer than 12 hours) but i’ve just had the health visitor tell us that bottles shouldn’t be left in the fridge due to bacteria build up.. and should be made up each time when needed.. How are people making up bottles without taking 1000 years each time and going insane at 3am ?!
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I swore by our prep machine and plan on using it again for my second. It’s a god send at night time!

I would do more research on that I’m pretty sure it’s fine for 24 hours as long as it hasn’t been used. Alternatively though you could keep a few bottles of water on hand for night feeds

We brought the Nubby Rapid Cool and honestly it’s been a life saver!

I have two flasks, one with boiled water, one with cooled boiled water. I add a shot of boiled water, usually about 1oz and then add the cooled boiled water. I've been doing this for months now and no problems. It's so fast! Love it. X

I honestly make one bottle each time wen need it and rinse the bottle out each use and clean it after the final night feed

Bottles are fine in the fridge for up to 24hrs, keep doing what you're doing! I personally use a prep machine but have used the fridge method x

We pre-make them as well. Method was recommended by NHS paediatric dietician when my first went on to hypoallergenic formula. That's how they make the hypoallergenic formula bottles in hospital as well x

It’s how they used to do it but hasn’t been the advice for quite some years now. I know a lot of people swear by the nuby rapid cool because you don’t have to wait for it to cool down. Health visitors also don’t like prep machines but I believe that’s mostly because they can hold a lot of bacteria and even mould if you’re not fully taking them apart often enough to clean them.

Formula that has not been drank from should be good for 24 hours if refrigerated although from how I'm reading this id assume you're not in the US so likely other guidelines. Even so I use a formula dispenser and pre measure the water in bottles so I just have to pour and mix

Tommee tippee prep machine

I have a flask of boiled water, everytime I make a bottle I fill the next bottle woth hot water by the time I come to fill that bottle up the waters cooled down a lot, my LG isn't too fussed with how warm the milk is so if it's cold or Luke warm she's om

@Nicola I love this idea

I take a caddy to bed with a flask of boiling water, rapid cool, a few sterilised bottles and the formula. I make the bottle as you usually would, tip it into the rapid cool and then when at temperature pour it back into the bottle. Once finished and baby is back to bed I rinse out the rapid cool and throw it into my cold water steriliser. I know some people do the hot shot method where they add a bit of boiling water, formula and then cool boiled water from another flask but the NHS website says this method doesn’t use enough boiling water to kill bacteria in the formula so I just do it this way for peace of mind.

I use distilled water for mixing it with. I have a 2L jug of it in the bedroom and one in my kitchen. I pre-measure 4 scoops of formula and put it into little sealable cups (I am actually using the little Baby Bullet containers right now) and keep 2 or 3 of those in kitchen/bedroom each. These can be stored longterm and are completely sanitary. So when he wants a bottle, I just pour some water into a bottle, dump in the pre-measured formula, and swirl to mix. He drinks it at room temperature. Takes me 30 seconds to make. Before bedtime, I make it even faster by pre-pouring the water into the bottles. Then it only takes 15 seconds to make a bottle. This method is also perfect for the diaper bag when you need to go out for a few hours - everything you need can be prepped and just sit ready in the bag for weeks, if needed.

I heard the water is fine for like 12 hours but I thought that once formula is added it has to be used in like 2 hours? I know nothing clearly lol!

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@Beth this is true about the formula. Once mixed with the water, it should be used within 2 hours (or up to 24 hours if stored in the fridge). Once the formula/bottle comes in contact with a baby's saliva, it has to be used within 1 hour or stored in the fridge.

@Tara Does the room temp water not mean that the formula mix doesnt dissolve well?

Not sure about all formulas as I have only ever used Kendamil. 4 scoops of Kendamil dissolves perfectly in 4oz of room temp distilled water. I don't shake it, as I've been told air bubbles may exacerbate gassy tummies. I just swirl the bottle for 10-15 seconds. 👌

We did this just for the nights as it was easier. In the day we boiled the kettle let it cool for 20 minutes then put the water in a thermo flask. We then made the bottles in the day and cooled them by standing them in the sink

Pitcher method can be in the fridge for 24 hours your

We used premades for 2 weeks, Nuby rapid cools for 3 weeks, and now we pulled out the prep machine. The HV and midwives hate the machine and recommend against it but she’s been better using that than using any other method so I’m sticking to it.

We’ve done this since day 1, baby is now 10 months and absolutely fine 👍

@Tara always always boiling water for formula. Above 70 degrees.

@Clarice distilled water is also acceptable. At any temp.

@Tara ah good to know, Im glad I wasnt totally wrong then! X

Guidance in the US is different from the UK. UK is always boiling water!!!

I'm not in the UK nor the US, so I can't speak to either. Per guidance where I am, in addition to my pediatrician's input says distilled is fine.

@Tara nooooo!!!!

@Clarice literally Google it and you will find so many resources that say distilled water is fine.

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