how many DPO??

When did everyone get a positive, 9 DPO and no sign of a vvvfl 😭
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I’m 14dpo and BFN 😫😫 due on Sunday

I had 2 losses last year but with my first pregnancy last year (I have an 11 yr old son also) I got it at 15dpo & 2nd pregnancy was at 11dpo with First Response. It varies for everybody & each pregnancy. I'm 10dpo td & got a faint line (in the posts) but it won't show up on my strip tests just yet, they're more of a shadow on those now. Keep testing for sure 🎀✨️🩵 sending lots of sticky baby dust your way!

Mine was 9dpo on a frer

@Emily it’s so frustrating isn’t it 😭

@Ashley thank you so much! And good luck 🥰

Mine was 10dpo. 9 was still showing negative

It is!! Drives me mad

Got mine with my miscarriage at 9dpo and last year for my son it was also 9dpo

I had the faintest line on easy @ home at 10dpo but honestly was barely visible! 9dp was completely negative xx

9 days dpo for both pregnancies xx

I am 7dpo, no symptoms and negative test :(..unless it’s too early?

I’m not sure, I have had some spotting today… day 28 of my cycle and 10 DPO but my cycle is normally longer… hoping for a line in the next few days 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Good luck to you fingers crossed! ✨I am still waiting ⏱️

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