Am I in the wrong?

My partner has just blown up at me because I sent my closest, best friend she’s like my older sister I trust her with anything and everything, a picture of my nipple because i am 14 weeks and it was really sore and I was concerned. And my partner doesn’t agree and says that I should’ve asked him and I shouldn’t be showing anyone my boobs and I genuinely don’t think I’ve done anything wrong. I have moved areas to be closer to him and I am struggling to make friends and it has been so lonely during this pregnancy. Am I in the wrong?
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I don’t see an issue I would do the same thing !!

I personally don’t see an issue with it

Who's nipple is it? Who evers nipple it is has the autonomy to do with it as they like! You do not need to ask for his permission to do this! I would tell him that you will not be accepting controlling behaviour and if he thinks controlling behaviour like this is ok then it's over. It starts small and the control only gets bigger and stronger x

No he’s over reacting…what’s he gonna do if u need to whip out your boob to feed your baby (if that’s what ur planning on doing) and you have friends or family around you 🤣 genuinely guys overreact so much

I genuinely started to think I did something wrong but I stood my ground I’m not sure if he expects me to apologise but I’m not

So men can walk around with their nipples out in PUBLIC for no reason, but as soon as a woman has a legitimate concern for her body and tries to talk to someone about it, she’s in the wrong?? O

You’ve done nothing wrong. He’s giving off major jealousy and controlling vibes. Tends to come from someone who is severely immature. You were seeking advise not trying to have a fling and that fact he’s trying to turn it into something it’s not is very strange behaviour. You keep seeking advise when you need it, he needs to grow up or he should run back to mum so she can take care of his insecure needs

Oh and by the way wait till you’re giving birth. My midwives had me get my boobs out every chance they got so I could feed baby, even during visiting hours when I had a constant rotation of people coming in to see me and baby he’s going to have a heart attack then

Just tell him if he’s got a problem with it you’ll post it on here instead and THOUSANDS of women will see it…see how he likes you asking for support then 🙄

Completely overreacting and if I’m honest, seems a bit controlling.

If you’d sent a pic of your nipple to a guy then fair enough but 1. This was your friend and 2. It’s cos you’re concerned about it it’s not in a sexual context? Does sound quite controlling to me… my hubby laughs at the stuff me and my friends send each other - I’ve got the video on my phone of my friend giving birth! Like people have said they’re your nipples you do as you like with them! And definitely don’t apologise! Stay strong and hope you met some friends in your new area xx

I don't see any issue at all x

@Be I completely agree! It feels so good to know that people have my back. Thank you so much xx

Not in the wrong for sure. You have concerns and went to your closest friend who is female and has boobs too to ask for advice. Unless he’s a doctor or medical professional, I can’t see why he has an opinion on this topic.

100% you’re absolutely not in the wrong! You should go to him and say ok so am I supposed to ask your permission if I need a bikini wax?! Where do you draw the line lol

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Not going to lie, I showed my other half this and even he said he overreacted, and that’s coming from a man!

I’ve showed him all these comments when he came and he’s changed his tune and apologised for overreacting but don’t worry guys I’m not giving in so easy…I hope idk with these pregnancy hormones

God, he’s an insecure man. I’ve seen all my friends boobs over the years. Hell, I sent my sister a picture of my nipples while I was pregnant because they turned dark purple. I have a best friend who routinely sends me nudes for me to vet before she sends them on and my husband has zero issues with this. I’m bisexual and he couldn’t give any less of a fuck about me seeing or sharing boob pics provided they aren’t of a sexually suggestive nature because he understands this thing called context in the scope of friendships.

I personally wouldn’t send any pictures of any intimate body to anyone. Not even my husband. Friendship and loyalty is not guaranteed these days and there could be a time where she could turn on you and use it against you. Or someone could go on her phone and take the picture. I’m not agreeing with the boyfriend. But just my opinion ✨🌸

I asked my partner what his feelings would be if I did this going the exact same context and he thought about it for a second and said he would think it slightly strange (meaning he couldn't see himself ever sending a pic of his nipple to his friends 😂) but would not in any way be mad or jelous or want permission etc.

@Jess after speaking to my partner last night he pretty much said the same, that he found it weird and “it’s not normal”because guys don’t do it so I had to repeatedly say that for women and girls it is normal

He sounds like red flag

I love this. You go girl! I just asked my husband and he said it's completely normal (for me) to do something like that. He is a bloke, their nipples are literally just for show! He doesn't know!

@Zoulikha Boukhatem it’s only a nipple though. Every one has them.

@Charlotte I know 🙈that’s just my opinions maybe it’s because I don’t have close girlfriends so I can’t imagine myself doing it, btw you have the cutest bump ever !!! 🤰🏼🫶

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