charlotte, nc

I don’t know if anyone has heard but I thought I’d post on here for anyone in the Charlotte, NC area. There has been an active shooter(s) going around in a vehicle shooting at random. 5 have been unalived, several injured, just in the past 48 hours. I only heard about it on TikTok and see a few news videos. I thought I’d post about it just in case anyone might not have heard about it.
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I heard too it’s crazy

What?? Thts where I live .. do u knw what part(s) of Charlotte by chance?

All over from what I’ve seen @Nikki

I saw nation ford,Lasalle st, statesville

One of the gun shot went through a women apartment

Not even safe at your own home it’s insane

Damn thts soooo crazy ! Thnk god I’m not in those areas tho but thts sooo sad and insane tho . Hopefully they get the person thts doing this

Yeah saw it in the news, so scary :-(

I just read they said a 16 yr old had been arrested :-(, crazy world we live in.

2 teenagers have been arrested

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