My son is a month old and would continuously eat like 6oz bottles if he could. He eats every hour it seems like, always 3oz but screams like he’s hungry for more. Legit do not know what to do besides just let him eat 6oz and spit up half of it because he overeats…
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You can buy hungry baby formula that is more filling if he is not satisfied.

I had this problem with mine when he was 2-3 weeks. Turns out babies should only be drinking 2-3 oz this early. However he was drinking 5oz because I thought he was always hungry. However that made him really gassy and uncomfortable because it was too much. So after every feeding he would cry and cry like he was still hungry. But when I finally got a pacifier it helped me figure out that he wasn’t actually hungry. Anyways, maybe his tummy is in discomfort. Especially if he is spitting up. Maybe try burping him more often and giving him 2-3oz and see how he does. If you give him a pacifier try giving that to him after he eats and calm him down. Hopefully this helps :)

@kira he burps really well, and loves his pacifier but as soon I try to give it to him while he’s screaming he roots and turns to my boob like he’s hungry. So we continue to give him the bottle. I legit feel like I’m at a loss and don’t know what to do.

My one month old drinks 6oz every 3 hours as well as long as you burp him regularly and he’s not spitting up he should be fine 😊

@Haylee He has reflux so he spits up after every feeding, not always a whole lot. But sometimes if he overeats he will spit up a whole lot. So I try to keep him at 3-4oz because if I go above that he will spit up half of it..

Also a FTM so I legit feel like I’m failing when I can’t soothe him in anyway. Like nothing I do helps besides a bottle.

@Adrian it takes time trust me I still feel this way too sometimes and he’s my second. Sometimes babies just cry I do a check list. First I feed him until he drinks 2-4oz if he’s still crying I will change his diaper and feed him a little more if he’ll take the bottle, if he is still fussy I wrap him in a regular swaddle very tightly and then another Velcro swaddle and just bounce hi around maybe trying the swing as well and if he doesn’t stop yes I do get a little overwhelmed but it’s best to put baby in a safe spot like crib and walk away for a second then I will come back and just continue to try and rock him

@Haylee the check list idea is something I’ve never thought of trying. I will see if that might help ease my nerves a little bit because eventually something might work!

@Adrian yes it is very helpful just keep in mind right now is the time for baby blues and they can just be fussy it’s best just to try and breathe but as long as all the essentials are done baby should be completely fine! I also mix 1ML of gripe water in the first two ounces of the bottle sometimes on fussier days it helps with the fussiness and gas!

@Adrian it’s ok! I’m a FTM too and honestly I was going crazy trying to figure out what works(still am sometimes lol). But I could also suggest holding him up on your shoulder and walking outside or walking around the house singing or talking to him to calm him down. All it is is trial and error until you learn your baby. But if he is formula fed I know some moms use cereal in some of the bottles to him settle baby’s tummy for the reflux. That’s what my mom did with me and my nephew so that could be an option as well! But you got this momma! It just takes time🫶🏾

@Haylee I do the exact same checklist but when I'm out of all of these I change the room/environment, take my baby to another area of the house, walk up and down the stairs, take her out and the change of temperature seems to help and sometimes even a walk

Babies a lot of time at that age just wants the comfort of nursing when gassy or uncomfortable as well as hungry and idk what make u feel your supply is low I have extremely small breasts and lows capacity but all my kids have always gotten all they need as long as baby is gaining weight and having correct number of wet diapers I wouldn't worry much about topping up I just had 6ths kid so I can help answer if u have any questions haha 😂

@Cassie I don’t breast feed I use formula. He’s gaining weight fine just eats constantly, but spits up from reflux and overeating.

Are you doing paced bottle feeding? How long does it take him to finish 3-4 ounces? It takes about 15-20 minutes for babies brain to realize they are full so if he is drinking too quickly he might still think he is hungry. Also don’t forget that gas isn’t just burping! Babies get gas in their lower body too that makes them really uncomfortable. You could try looking up some videos on how to help baby relieve gas or try some gas drops for newborns, that is what we did for our 4 week old.

Use a pacifier, take breaks every ounce to burp, if they eat too fast they don’t realize they overeat, they have to take breaks and that allows their brain to realize they’re getting full instead of over eating. Even if they cry, take breaks every ounce. It should take around 40 mins to eat a 4oz bottle. Also make sure nipple size is accurate

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