My flight is on next Friday. I will be 28 weeks 3 days. I had requested for Fit to fly certificate from CMK GP and today I got a text message to pay 30 pounds. When I called and asked them when will I get it they said it can take upto 28 days. They can’t give any guarantee that after I do the payment today I will get it by next Friday. Wanted to check if anyone has recently requested for fit to fly certificate and in many days they got it?
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Can’t you get it from your midwife? When I went on holiday I asked her for it and she sorted it for me - no charge for it either!

@Bethan no they are not giving it anymore 😞

I used an online GP service, if you google fit to fly they come up. More expensive but it came through very quickly, within 24 hours I think. Not that anyone asked for mine when I flew at around the same time as you 😊

@Abby can you recommend the one you used?

Honestly, if you are indeed fit to fly, I would write one myself 😅 it's so cheeky they want to charge you!

@Amber exactly. If I know I have any complications I would not put my baby in danger by flying 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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