Mini rant 🗣️

Correct me is I’m wrong but, If I ask questions about a business a person knows about and they unnecessarily withhold information ik they probably not from here or they don’t have confidence in their abilities and business. I say this because it’s enough abundance for everybody!!! I don’t care if you’re selling the same thing as someone else you attract what’s for you ✨💯‼️ One thing I’ve noticed since I’ve started living here is that those that are really successful are sharing information and networking/putting people on even if they require to be paid for that information. To each they own but I believe you block blessings when you do that.
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The works is cold en everyone worked hard for where they are so they feel as though if you’re not going to do the work and you ask then you will need to pay for said information

@Christine And thats okay too! If you feel like you wanna sell it cuz you worked hard to do the leg work cool but i feel like it depends on what the information is that your sharing. For example if I come to you and ask hey what website engine do you use to showcase your work? im not paying you for that 😂‼️ it’s not like you showed me how to set it up

@Tanashia I agree I’d give you the website then you do the rest

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