Roaches or ghosts 😆

I’m living with the ghosts 😅🤣
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Ghosts 😂. I’m absolutely petrified of cockroaches 🤢

Ghosts I can not deal with roaches 🤢🤢

@Safia @Emily same lol the whole house will be burnt down 😭

@Brenda 😂

Ghosts for sure. I've dealt with roaches on farms and they are disgusting lol

A ghost will literally be my best friend!

@Liv roaches on farms wow I never heard of that 😟

She looks nice lol

@Tea there's unlimited amounts of food (cows/whatever animals have to always eat), lots of dark places to hide in barns, and hard to clean/sanitize everything 🤷🏼‍♀️

Ghosts are SO much easier to get rid of!! 🖤👻🖤

Depends on what type of ghost👀 is it a chill, anger ghost? Or one of those ✨sassy✨ ghosts😂

Ghosts please 👻


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