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Hey so I breastfed my last child til 14 months. He never took a bottle. I’m pregnant again, due anytime now. I was curious if anyone successfully was able to breastfed and bottle. I would like to bottle feed occasionally like to go out with my husband on dates. I’m afraid of baby wanting the bottle more because it’s easier. Any advice?
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So is nipple confusion a myth? It sounds like it. I’m really a first time second round breastfeeding mom ( didn’t go to well with my first I gave up quickly) I’m giving it my all this time trying to get a better handle and understanding of this breastfeeding cuz I want that bound with my baby. My son is only 6 days old

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My son will be 11 months in 2 days. When he was born I started pumping and gave him bottles also. He stated to prefer the bottle so I stopped and strictly breastfed and we got back on track within 3 days. He still prefers the boob but I give him a bottle in the morning with his supplements in them. And whenever we go on dates he has bottle.

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My Lactation consultant recommended ‘The First Years, Breastflow Bottle’. It mimics the breast and uses suction and compression. Check it out!

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Hii, I had to supplement the first few weeks and I didn't have a great milk supply but I still nursed as much as I could. So my baby was going back and forth between bottle and breast since he was born. I found that the MAM bottle made the transition a lot easier for us.. Now I breastfeed a lot more and occasionally when we go out we take a bottle with us in case I can't nurse him or if we need to go out, my mom will give him a bottle. The MAM bottles are supposed to be precisely for that purpose. He is now almost 8 weeks.

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Hi!!! I had this same worry & what I do now is just give the bottle at night time on his last feed before bed time & he sleeps almost through the night! Then I breastfeed throughout the day, but don’t be worried about the “nipple confusion” or anything else that they say! Your baby will be just fine!!! & no matter what they will always prefer the breast because they get to bond with mommy & get fresh, warm milk!

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