• C
  • Bakersfield, United States
  • 10 months ago


Hey so I breastfed my last child til 14 months. He never took a bottle. I’m pregnant again, due anytime now. I was curious if anyone successfully was able to breastfed and bottle. I would like to bottle feed occasionally like to go out with my husband on dates. I’m afraid of baby wanting the bottle more because it’s easier. Any advice?
  • J
  • CA, US
  • 10 months ago

We do both breast and bottle. She seems to do pretty well with both. Sometimes at night she gets fussy and seems to prefer the bottle, I think because milk slows down at night.

  • B
  • WI, US
  • 10 months ago

My son had no issues whatsoever, introduced a bottle around ) weeks. If I was home I nursed and if I was gone be took bottle. My daughter took the bottle too but she made more of a fuss over it. Had to be just right temp and position lol introduced with her around 4 week mark. Goes to show each baby can be different 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • K
  • GA, US
  • 10 months ago

I do all the time but defintely wait till shes like a month old

  • M
  • 10 months ago

I introduced a bottle right at the three week mark!

  • M
  • NY, US
  • 11 months ago

I started bottle feeding right after I got out the hospital because I had intentions of going back to work once my son turned 3 months. I needed him to get comfortable with the bottle for times I’m not around. He does both now at 4 months — ofc he takes the bottle more but he takes both comfortably.

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