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  • 3 months ago

Baby is a boob snacker. Help!

Trying to space out feedings, my 3.5mo breastfeeds often (like every 1.5hrs) during the day and I'd like for her to eat more, less frequently. She tends to fall asleep or just pop off. Seems to drink more ounces from bottle. I'm not really into aggressive sleep or feed training but would love some tips. We breastfeed 90% of the time. Nights are not an issue. Edit: no, that's not her latch, just a poorly timed photo. Also not trying to institute a training regimen...just curious for little tips. Also the 4mo sleep regression just hit...we're back to every 2-3 hours at night!
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  • 2 days ago

When my daughter was little I nursed on demand when ever she wanted it . Now she is still nursed but she has her limits and it's her that gave it to her self I didn't give her a bottle when went from the boob to a sippy cup she didn't like bottles but I guess the only advice I can give you is to try feeding him on demand he will sleep more and be more happy and your bond with him will grow more good luck

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  • a month ago

Find a good carrier and let babe go to town 😜

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  • a month ago

Good to hear I'm not alone. I have the same issue for 2 months. I've started drinking some nursing teas, which helped a little bit with breastfeeding. I look forward to starting the weaning...

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  • a month ago

Mine is too and he's got teeth now! He bites me every time he latches. I've started supplementing with formula some. And he seems more happy

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  • a month ago

I honestly joined a bf group and it helped me so much!! There’s like 65k people in it so I always got answers super quick. It’s called breastfeeding mamas if you want the link message me 😊

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  • a month ago

There’s a FB group called Baby LED Weaning for Beginners & Beyond that is super helpful!

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  • a month ago

Ohh I do....I need some advice on baby led weaning as my daughter approaches a year.

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