3 years ago

Baby is a boob snacker. Help!

Edit: We're now at TEN months breastfeeding and it's wild to look back at this post and all the wonderful comments, suggestions and stories. I have a perspective now that every baby is different and frequent nursing is so, so normal (especially early on)! I have loved breastfeeding my baby girl - and we've had our share of challenges (mastitis, clogged ducts, recurring thrush) but nursing is not only a part of every day but something I also still need and look forward to. Just a special little time with my girl. Good luck to all nursing mamas here and thank you all for the support!! Original post: Trying to space out feedings, my 3.5mo breastfeeds often (like every 1.5hrs) during the day and I'd like for her to eat more, less frequently. She tends to fall asleep or just pop off. Seems to drink more ounces from bottle. I'm not really into aggressive sleep or feed training but would love some tips. We breastfeed 90% of the time. Nights are not an issue. Edit: no, that's not her latch, just a poorly timed photo. Also not trying to institute a training regimen...just curious for little tips. Also the 4mo sleep regression just hit...we're back to every 2-3 hours at night!
Baby is a boob snacker. Help!
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2 months ago

10 months! Congratulations! You are really strong!

5 months ago

My son is the same way. He’s eating some foods now, but he’s always attached to my breast. So I feel ya girl!

last year

I'm in month 4 of breast feeding, reading all your comments inspires me. I just worry that my LG not getting enough from my breast. She likes to go back and forth from left to right breasts a few times. Is that normal?

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last year

Totally normal mama!! If babe wants to nurse keep nursing!

2 years ago

I would say instead of giving her the boob to snack on try baby food instead or another kind of baby snack to space the feedings out. This helped me with my baby. I breastfed exclusively fr 19 months and I had to cold turkey her once she got into the habit of biting my nipple with a mouth full of teeth lol

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2 years ago

Thank you! I honestly think it came from me breastfeeding for so long plus it runs on my dads side of the family. When you breastfeed it’s like your body is on it’s own form of birth control so it causes some women (like me) to not have a period for a long time (almost a year 1/2 for me) so when they do come back regularly it tends to make you release more eggs than normal.

2 years ago

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I’d love to have twins! What’s your secret?! Please share every little thing, I’ll religiously follow it even the food you ate before conception 🙈

2 years ago

My baby uses my boob as a pacifier

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