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To any mothers with children who have autism, what were some signs you might have noticed or did not notice (i.e. fascinated with hands, recent rocking back and forth while sitting in lap, repetitive pointing with 1 finger down on object[s], etc..) before they were professional diagnosed? I only ask because I am unsure if my daughter might be even though she is still very young. She just turned 6 months a week ago yesterday.

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8 months ago

My son never said dad or mum... I waited to this year and finally heard it 7 years old that word was so meaningful

9 months ago

It is way too early to know anything yet. Just love your baby and pay attention to milestones and keep in close contact with your pediatrician for any concerns. The autism spectrum is huge. What may be a sign for one kid with autism, may be completely lacking in another for autism. I have two autistic kiddos and 3 neurotypical children. Also, any things that may indicate autism, they may outgrow…for example my son had difficulty transitioning to solids and talking. He needed lots of therapy, but he doesn’t have those particular issues at all now at age 10. Also, my daughter was late to talking and crawling, at 4 she talks quite a bit and has no physical therapy type issues at all. Try not to stress!

3 years ago

Does anyone have kiddos about 3? I would love play dates

3 years ago

My daughter is 1 & 1/2 she has not been formally diagnosed but she is developmentally delayed . She doesn’t Respond to her name and hasn’t met certain milestones by this age. We voiced our concerns early which was hand/arm flapping likes things that spin and making things spin, lacks eye contact. . Early detection is key. We got her evaluated and she is now in therapy sessions to help with the parts she is delayed in . .

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3 years ago

Have you tried to get her diagnosed.

3 years ago

How old were she when you start being concerned?

3 years ago

My son is 11, he had a slight language regression but mostly plateau - so no new words at 21 months. Stopped responding to his name. Loved ceiling fans and bumpy car rides by 6 months. Would giggle from the sensory input. Seemed too busy in his own interests so less socially engaged and extremely limited eye contact at 22 months. He was hyperlexic, taught himself to read and write at 3. Could spell out simple requests before he could speak the words.

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