To any mothers with children who have autism, what were some signs you might have noticed or did not notice (i.e. fascinated with hands, recent rocking back and forth while sitting in lap, repetitive pointing with 1 finger down on object[s], etc..) before they were professional diagnosed? I only ask because I am unsure if my daughter might be even though she is still very young. She just turned 6 months a week ago yesterday.
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My son never said dad or mum... I waited to this year and finally heard it 7 years old that word was so meaningful

It is way too early to know anything yet. Just love your baby and pay attention to milestones and keep in close contact with your pediatrician for any concerns. The autism spectrum is huge. What may be a sign for one kid with autism, may be completely lacking in another for autism. I have two autistic kiddos and 3 neurotypical children. Also, any things that may indicate autism, they may outgrow…for example my son had difficulty transitioning to solids and talking. He needed lots of therapy, but he doesn’t have those particular issues at all now at age 10. Also, my daughter was late to talking and crawling, at 4 she talks quite a bit and has no physical therapy type issues at all. Try not to stress!

Does anyone have kiddos about 3? I would love play dates

My daughter is 1 & 1/2 she has not been formally diagnosed but she is developmentally delayed . She doesn’t Respond to her name and hasn’t met certain milestones by this age. We voiced our concerns early which was hand/arm flapping likes things that spin and making things spin, lacks eye contact. . Early detection is key. We got her evaluated and she is now in therapy sessions to help with the parts she is delayed in . .

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Have you tried to get her diagnosed.

How old were she when you start being concerned?

My son is 11, he had a slight language regression but mostly plateau - so no new words at 21 months. Stopped responding to his name. Loved ceiling fans and bumpy car rides by 6 months. Would giggle from the sensory input. Seemed too busy in his own interests so less socially engaged and extremely limited eye contact at 22 months. He was hyperlexic, taught himself to read and write at 3. Could spell out simple requests before he could speak the words.

My daughter was flapping her hands, still tip toes at 3, head banging and scratching when upset, lining things up and won’t make eye contact. My advise is to seek early intervention as soon as possible. Accept it and help❤️

Lo paused speaking for a brief time, late crawler/ early walker, at 2 would put self in time out and then hit head on wall, and self hit / scratch when upset. Now 4 yrs old - hfa, spd, and o.dd.

I’m autistic and I’m going to say constant tip toeing is one, no eye contact or very little eye contact is a sign, autistic children and adult “stim” that’s anything from head bopping things, flapping their hands constantly, tapping the face a lot for the sound, making lots of noise or none at all, we are picky eater being of all our senses being overloaded, take note on food your child eats more of because they will binge eat it. Send me a message if you need more information 😊

No response when you call their name, sensory impairments, and frequent ear aches

Oh and he doesn’t sleep with out medication. If he doesn’t have his meds he won’t sleep at all

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Sounds like my son. He's 4. High functioning and barely talks. Sounds like a minion when he gets excited

Lining up his toys from smallest to biggest. Rocking back and forth, not talking he didn’t start talking till about 5 years old. There are other thing he did/does that I can’t think of right now

At 6 months my daughter was fascinated with lights

Oh also nothing to be embarrassed about. First step to release the grief is to accept that he/she is different and take it from there. There are soooo many kids diagnosed with autism these days

Worse thing is if the dad is in denial! I had such issues with that. Fighting a battle on two fronts. My little one had speech delay at 2 so I started to look into it when he turned two. His speech the the one he has most issue with. Otherwise there is rigidity too when they want things in a certain way. Lining up toys and things

We had physical delays with our son, he didn't roll, sit up, or walk until well past appropriate age. But as far as autism goes, probably the first most serious sign was lack of eye contact and severe speech delay. At the time I didn't even know what Autism was, so that didn't even occur to me I just knew his delays weren't normal. We contacted an organization in SoCal called Regional Center, and they provided us with information and resources. We were told to ask Pediatrician about the delays, and he gave us a referral to a neurologist who gave us the Autism diagnosis. And we just went from there putting him in every therapy he qualified for, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and behavioral therapy.

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Was your son stiff?

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try bentonite clay bath- it might help remove or detox from metals and help with behavior if they are autistic

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Dr. Miriam Jang, M.D., author of Breakthroughs in Autism stated: "I have put a huge number of patients on these clay baths and the levels of heavy metals -- mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, and cadmium -- have come down dramatically. I have been monitoring the levels of metals using all three methods TD, DMPS, oral DMSA and clay baths. The clay baths were the most effective, and worked faster in removing the metals.'' One particular patient had very high levels of mercury and levels of lead that were off the charts. In 3 months of twice weekly clay baths, the lead came down dramatically and the mercury disappeared. The muscle weakness associated with high lead levels improved dramatically."

My son is 13 and autistic. As an infant he could not be comforted and would not sleep. He was a tough baby but does better now. We don't know how to fix autism but if you are worried talk to his doctor.

6 months is too early to tell. By first bday make sure they respond to their name, make eye contact and are pointing with index finger to communicate needs. Those are the first red flags

But the lady told me that some cases you can tell as early as six months talk to your doctor well the child doctor see if he or she have a idea on what you can do better safe than waiting like I did. Denial and his dad keep me from testing earlier than two.i.wish I had

My son has it he is four I found out when he was two depends what level. Not talking or talking but sounds like baby talk, flapping hands, bitting, scratching usually the parents who has them the most

Yeah I think that 6 months is way too early to tell. Look into the Wonder Weeks. It talks about all the stuff they start doing after each developmental leap. Those things are normal for a 6 month old baby.

It might be too early to tell. I’ve read a few articles that say you can start to notice signs but that’s if they aren’t hitting their milestones at this age. Is your baby smiling, “baby talking” and things like that? Just try and keep in mind that autism is on a spectrum. But again, if your baby isn’t hitting the development milestones, it could be something else

There are different degrees of autism, however, I was told by a doctor that typically around 18 months is when people start to notice because that is when children really start showing their personalities (this is also why so many people do/have blamed vaccines). I think 6 months is too early to tell and I think your baby is probably just exploring her world. Remember, everything is fascinating at this stage!

I’ve read that a very common sign is lack of eye contact/avoiding eye contact. My nephew was recently diagnosed as autistic this year after years of watching his behavior. He’s high functioning, but he’s noise sensitive. He hit all his milestones and is smart as anything. It just varies. If you’re worried or concerned, mention it to your pediatrician and they can give you more info on it.

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