Heart burn!! 🔥

How on earth do you deal with this!? I’m five months pregnant with my first and can’t sleep anymore! It hurts so badly! I’ve tried everything I can think of and nothing seems to be working! Please tell me this gets better!?
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I got chewable papaya enzyme tablets. I got them from trader Joe's, but you can probably find them elsewhere. They helped so much! I took 1 before a meal and 1-2 after. It got a little better after pregnancy. But it took a couple months post partum to really go away.

Gaviagon... gaviscon? Not sure how it’s spelled but it’s near the tums at the pharmacy, also I had to stop eating bananas 🤷‍♀️ I had worse heartburn with my first because I was eating obscene portions... I know it’s hard but portion control has helped me SO MUCH this time around, even with healthy food. Good luck!

Literally you need the wearable Reflux Band. It’s on amazon. It was everything for my sleep

I had heartburn SO bad throughout my whole entire pregnancy. I ate tums like it was my job. That’s the only thing that helped a little. But my little one came out with a full head of beautiful hair and i love it... so the heartburn was totally worth it;) push through !!

I've had the worst heartburn in my 3rd trimester. My Dr said pepcid. I take it two times a day

Fire cider or water/tea with peppermint and less stress ♥️ if possible.

Zantac works great for me, and not eating couple of hours before bed time helps as well.

Definitely sit up when you’re sleeping!! I agree with no chocolate before bed, I learned that the hard way!!


I had it too...drink a cold glass of milk it will help for sure

Can anyone tell me what Tums are 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

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Tums are anti-acids. Its a brand name

Yes to chewable Tums. Doctors recommended it. There’s no nasty taste if you take the smoothie flavored one. I had serious heart burn at the beginning of my second trimester. For about two weeks, I almost took at least two tums a day. The heartburn went away after time...usually occurred when I ate a lot or ate before bed. I still eat a lot and snack before bed but I don’t get severe heartburn anymore and if I do I’ll just take a tum or two and it’ll go away. :)

Take prilosac! It saved my life on both my pregnancies. It's safe to take everyday. It took about 3 days to kick in but after that heart burn was gone! U have to keep taking it for it to work.

If tums do not work I usually drink a ginger ale and it helps me burp. Burping allows it so I can get the extra gas out. Usually the heartburn goes away after that.

I’ve got bad heartburn too. It’s like all the time.

I wish I could tell you it gets better but I had heartburn from day one until week 40. Tums will be your best friend Alka-Seltzer Chews but not tablets and you can do a spoonful of baking soda water if you can stand the taste of it. I was afraid my daughter was going to come out covered in tums

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The heartburn was actually how I found out I was pregnant. I don’t get heart burn so I knew something was up. I found out at 4 weeks and I’ll be 9 weeks on Wednesday and still get it!

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I always put a pillow in front of me between my legs and one behind my back so I didn’t roll over. I took a lot of tums too. I had heartburn and morning sickness almost the whole time. Hang in there.

Literally nothing helped me with heartburn :( also neither one of my kids had a lot of hair like they say.

My doctor recommended Rolaids!!! It works for me!

Zantac, tums, and a big glass of milk are all things that could help.

I used to take tums every night before bed because mine got bad at night. Don’t lay all the way flat at night, prop yourself up a little bit. And sleep on your left side, it’s amazing how much that helped!

Zantac, Tums and milk. I wasn’t a big milk drinker but I would wake up in the middle of the night with heart burn take a few Tums and drink a glass of milk and then I could go back to sleep!! Hope you find something that works for you!

Zantac and lots of Tums...

My husband has heartburn, organic ginger with hot water seems to help him

I took Zantac, my docter had said it was okay. My heartburn was so bad I couldnt even sleep lying down 😢

Food grade peppermint oil! A couple drops in a cold glass of water cools it all down. It worked wonders for me. Also my husband has really bad heartburn that sometimes even is prescription meds don't do the trick for. I make him a glass with a couple drops of the peppermint and a couple drops of lemon. It rocks and it's all natural!

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I will have to try this I get it sooooo badly and never did before I was pregnant! Thanks for the tip x

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