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How do you manage time? I am a full time Soldier, I have 3 business and 3 teens , I always feel like I’m lacking somewhere or another . I have “squirrel syndrome “ and I’m always all over the place ...
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I have a planner for everything and a dry erase wall calendar by the door for important events/appointments. I try to keep things SUPER organized and write everything down. I’ve tried the phone app planners and they just aren’t for me. Something about actually writing it in a planner helps me feel more put together and organized. I remember things easier that way so I don’t feel flustered. I make a lot of lists and try to do things in order of importance. I don’t think I would ever get anything done otherwise. Also I think the phone planners don’t work for me because my phone ends up distracting me.

Thank you so much for serving ❤😗

Time blocking!! It has been a huge game changer! And it’s so easy!

Having a calendar really helps! Me and my husband have our business so we calendar plan on Sunday nights for the week. I plan my day by hour, not by tasks. Because your able to focus on one thing and get it done. Instead of looking at an entire to do list and feel like your just everywhere. Having a schedule really helps with routine at home also.It helps being productive and getting everything done you need to. Instead of running around doing things half way, your getting things done and focusing on that one thing. Helps with stress also 😊

Thank you for your service! I am not the best with this but my sister(4 kids, she’s a nurse, her husband is a doctor-they travel a lot) has multiple calendars. She keeps one at home and one on her. She also does a weekly or bi-weekly activity board to keep every one’d schedule straight that is big enough to be a reference.

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Hope it helps!

O wow a board is a great idea! Thanks!

I keep a calendar in my phone of stuff to help manage and keep myself busy. By the way I saw that you’re a soldier. Thank you so much for your service and protecting our families. God bless you and your family ❤️

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Proud to serve thank you and yes a calendar is helpful

I’ve been there & partially still is...I use my calendar on my cellphone everyday. From the timer, scheduling, maps for traveling..... you name it. I have 4 kids that’s very active 2 girls 2 boys.My husband & I have our own business & I’m a traveling General Manger & let’s not forget about church..... but I Manage to plan my week out on Sundays for the rest of the week & put everything in my phone. It works for me!

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That makes sense maybe I should plan my week as well instead of day by day ... I was doing it at the end of the day

No good advice regarding time management but I did want to say Thank you for your service! 🇺🇸

A lot of people believe in day planners. I personally don’t find them too useful unless you really plan on micromanaging your day down to a T, otherwise they’re for established schedule. Have you tried racking specific tasks on alternating days? Like focusing more on the larger business on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and the smaller ones on Tuesday and Thursday? Always reserve at least one day to a full quality day where you can spend time with family and accomplish things outside of work and businesses. Always plan a little you time (20 minute shower, extended coffee time, things you can relax with).

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