• Gabby
  • Sarasota, United States
  • 3 months ago

Stay at home mom depression is real

Stay at home depression is real ❤️ your entire previous life has shifted. You are now the world of that little one. I know I had a lot of ppd with my first and some with my second. Motherhood seemed so lonely. Being at home while my hubs worked and having no adult interaction. The same can also be true for mammas who work. They have their own battle of leaving their littles to provide ❤️ What are your thoughts on this article ? https://www.glamour.com/story/stay-at-home-mom-depression-is-realand-women-are-finally-talking-about-it/amp
  • R
  • Marlton, United States
  • 17 days ago

i agree! Being a SAHM can be really isolating & that can take your mind to a dark place. People think it's easy but honestly going to work every day is easier.

  • M
  • IA, US
  • 19 days ago

I agree. Being a SAHM and juggling a lot of other things is stressful! If anyone needs someone to talk to I’m here for you!

  • S
  • NY, US
  • a month ago

I feel same way dont have a job right now I am sahm for a 2 year old chaotic little boy all I do is change diapers cook clean and constantly look after him I have no time to myself and it is hard because I actually have diagnosed adhd and depression with bi polar and anxiety

  • B
  • OH, US
  • a month ago

I agree, I have a very busy schedule being a SHM plus trying to handle being social at the same time is challenging because it's hard talking to another adult when your use to just being around the kiddos all day everyday I try to be social and I find it so awkward😔 when the kids go to sleep you still are thinking about what's for dinner next day what will they wear dont get me wrong I LOVE my kids and just speaking for me that some days I see some dark days with my emotions just because my brain never turns off

  • I
  • CA
  • a month ago

It is really hard, forgetting you used to be a professional and had a job. Now all your world is a little person and no interaction all day with any adult. Even harder if you dont have family/friends who can help you for a break sometime. 😑😪😫

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