• Molly
  • FL, US
  • 3 months ago


How long did you breastfeed for? My daughter has just turned 2 and she is still going strong. I love all the information out there about extended breast feeding! I know this journey we are on won’t last forever but I am enjoying all the cuddle time I get with her before she grows up like her siblings. https://www.scarymommy.com/extended-breastfeeding-toddler/
  • M
  • WA, US
  • 12 hours ago

Both my kids stopped at around 13 months. They weaned themselves. I would have gone longer it was a sad day for me😭

  • L
  • CA, US
  • 16 days ago

I listen to an awesome podcast called "The Badass Breastfeeding Podcast" and they talk a lot about feeding into toddler age and beyond. The cohost fed hers until 6 and 4. They don't necessarily push that, but explain why moms do and why its totally ok, and when to wean. I recommend it to everyone, my baby is 3 months and we finally got in a rhythm now with no pain or issues.

  • L
  • OH, US
  • 17 days ago

8 months and still going. I’m going to let him tell me when to stop but not going to go past 2 years.

  • A
  • CA
  • 24 days ago

Still breastfeeding my son, who in February will turn 3. He's a bit ill at the moment, so breastfeeding is a life saver because a lot of what he needs at the moment is being supplied by it (comfort, closeness, some nourishment and even antibodies to fight off diseases). In the beginning it was very difficult for us as he was unable to properly latch on due to a tongue tie. Once that was fixed it became much easier. I love doing it. It is another level of connecting with him.

  • N
  • Jersey City, United States
  • 24 days ago

My boy just turned 15 months and he is still nursing as well in between eating solids. I figure we may go on to the point that he wants to stop because he is very adamant about getting his milk. On the plus side he has been getting better with communicating to me when he wants to nurse and also very much better when I need to tell him to wait a bit based on what we’re doing

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