• Taylor
  • American Fork, United States
  • a month ago

Sleep Regressions

Leave a comment below if you’re dealing with one of the good old’ sleep regression with your little one(s)! What are your tips/methods of getting through it?
  • D
  • PA, US
  • 2 days ago

My daughter is 21 months old she wakes up every couple hours I give her s boob change her diaper and put her back to bed but then I have a she's time going to bed my self so when I get up the next morning it's a little hard so coffee to the rescue

  • J
  • OR, US
  • 5 days ago

My 2 year old is going through this hardcore. Seems like he is up every 30 minutes or so. Been driving us crazy! We have been trying to put him back to bed every time but usually after the 4-5th time we have been giving up and bringing him to our bed. I know we are horrible, but getting up at 6am for work after being up with him all night is just too much and I am forever exhausted!

  • J
  • OR, US
  • 5 days ago

Thank you for saying that, I really appreciate that. I get a lot of flack from friends and family members about how I am going to ruin his sleep or his ability to self sooth. But I also feel like I know him better than anyone else and I can tell when he is testing limits versus when he is scared and needs his mom

  • L
  • 5 days ago

You’re not horrible for providing snuggles for your 2 yr old when he needs it. Cosleeping when done safely can help kids physically reconnect to with parents after a long day of activities.

  • E
  • 12 days ago

My 8 month old is up every couple of hours..... it’s maddening and exhausting. I’m told to just hang in there and snuggle them through it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • R
  • Wadhurst, United Kingdom
  • 18 days ago

I think ours is a mixture but the next to me crib has been a lifesaver as I can then just scoop him up. I keep everything I need for the night in my changing caddy nappies/wipes/muslin/teething gel/calpol and a toy

  • K
  • IN, US
  • 23 days ago

I cant tell if my 5 month girl is teething or just hates sleeping.😳😴😴😵

  • M
  • NY, US
  • 18 days ago

Same!! My son was sleeping thru the night from 2 months old. He turned 5 months about two weeks ago and started waking up several times a night again. It’s starting to get better but I definitely thought we were regressing!! Was very afraid of starting bad habits 😩

  • C
  • CA, US
  • 22 days ago

I’m in the same boat!!!

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