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3 years ago

Why Self-care is so important for us mammas

Self-Care is so important for us. It’s so hard to not feel a burn out from doing the same thing day in and day out. Having your own personal time makes a better mom ❤️ you need that time for yourself to reset and find the things that you enjoy doing! This article gives so many amazing tips and just explains why it’s so important to have self care. What do you ladies think? What do you do for self care? What do you do to get that mini break?
Why Self-care is so important for us mammas

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3 months ago

We gotta be ok for our little ones to be ok, it’s all bout finding the balance 🙏

2 years ago

I absolutely agree with this post self care allows you to reset. I work full time from home do you working remote from this pandemic but my fiancé offered to watch the baby while I workout because he knows how much it helps my mental. I may be one of the lucky ones but he take the late night shift even though he works all day just to make sure I have 100% energy to handle watching the LO and working (multi tasking) is hard but he makes everything possible for me!

3 years ago

The only thing i can do is go the gym cus they have daycare

3 years ago

I think self care truly depends on the person. For some it’s getting their nails done for others it’s going for a walk or run.

3 years ago

Self care is definitely something I have struggled with since becoming a mum. This year I have been more active in giving myself the time to do it more!

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