3 years ago

I'm so nervous about my baby trying to walk!

My babygirl is 10 months young and has been walking around the house while I hold her hand (she completely skipped the crawling phase lol) She is able to stand in place on her own for a while and then holds my hand to start walking again. At times she tries to let go of my hand to walk on her own but I'm soooo scared to let go because she loses her balance and starts falling backwards (I catch her of course). I bought a safety helmet for her to help prevent injury but also to try to help me "let her go". I just can't do it!! Help mommas!!
I'm so nervous about my baby trying to walk!

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6 days ago

I daughter is tough my husband would cheer her on to go again I kinda waited to see if she was going to cry or not but it’s all off your emotions

2 months ago

They don't need helmets lol. Let them learn, if she thinks she's ready then listen and let her go. They will fall and be fine. You are getting in the way of her learning at her own pace

4 months ago

Practice, practice, practice! It goes by fast! After 1 month, I can finally let ours roam free! :) When on carpet, we pushed her to walk independently, even though she wasn't super confident at first. We also let her go barefoot all the time at home, since she slips way more with socks!

10 months ago

I’m in the same boat! She’ll walk if I hold her hand and tries to walk without me but I’m constantly hovering over her because of my hardwood floors 😩😩😩

12 months ago

I would get the foam mats for your floor. The also have rubber things to add to the cornea of tables for example..

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