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  • CA, US
  • 4 months ago

Need tips! Plastic bag school lunch alternatives!

Hey team mom, there is a TON of waste that happens in our school lunches. I’d like to find some alternatives to plastic sandwich bags that aren’t Tupperware. The glass is too heavy for my six year old. And the plastic is still, plastic. Any tips that also keep food fresh?! Has anyone used something like in the pic? Thanks!!
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  • FL, US
  • 13 days ago

Stashers are a lifesaver!

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  • UT, US
  • 17 days ago

Grove sells pretty affordable reusable bags and so does target. We use both and they work great

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  • VA, US
  • a month ago

Maybe bento boxes? I know they’re still plastic, but they’re useful!

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  • New Orleans, United States
  • 2 months ago

I’d also like to see schools reducing waste by choosing reusable cutlery, cups and trays. There’s a lot of waste in school lunch.

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  • CO, US
  • 2 months ago

Stasher bags are the best... u can store food, and cook in them. They are silicone. I also love beeswax wraps. Mostly use them just at home but sometimes take things on the go with it.

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