3 years ago

Need tips! Plastic bag school lunch alternatives!

Hey team mom, there is a TON of waste that happens in our school lunches. I’d like to find some alternatives to plastic sandwich bags that aren’t Tupperware. The glass is too heavy for my six year old. And the plastic is still, plastic. Any tips that also keep food fresh?! Has anyone used something like in the pic? Thanks!!
Need tips! Plastic bag school lunch alternatives!

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1 month ago

Stasher bags or target sells reusable ziploc bags. They’re blue, more pouch like. Maybe stashers are better for little hands to open

7 months ago

Get some stashers ;-)

9 months ago

Depending on the age of your little one, bamboo lunch box could be a great alternative. My daughter’s one is secured by an elastic rubber band but she is 10 and can use it no problem. For my 5 year old I am using a reusable plastic lunch box for now as she won’t be able to handle the rubber band.

10 months ago

So glad to see parents being proactive towards waste reduction. Environmentally there is nothing wrong with using plastic if you buy a decent brand and keep using it for life. If you already have a plastic lunchbox use it. Just avoid the single use stuff. I have found the beeswax lunchwraps tend to wear out quickly with repeat use and can get squished in a bag. Tin will be more likely to rust. Glass to heavy and not safe for school. Reusable, BPA free plastic container is not expensive (Incase they loose it) and will seal well and hold its shape. Using an insulated lunch bag to store the sandwich and smaller containers for loose items (like cut fruit, nuts and seeds etc) will keep individual items from getting lost in the bag.

12 months ago

Try reusable silicone bags, they are very good.

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